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hey dipity

changing how the world buys

Congratulations on accepting offers. To learn more about how it works, read below to understand how your new customers found you.

baby stuff_edited.png

Customers make an
offer for

they want to buy

A globe of the world

 The offer is sent to 
business we can
find that sells it

A tick inside a circle

Instant notifications
when a customer's 
offer is 


hey dipity for businesses

Every week we send you all the offers we have received for the things you sell.

This is your catalogue of customers

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 11.14.59 am.png

Select the products you want to sell

A customer paying for an item

 You receive

the funds

A package being delivered

Product shipped or service provided

If you want to accept some more offers, click the button below.

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